Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jokes 3/10/10

A New York City chef has started to produce a cheese that is made from his wife's breastmilk. I'd stay away from his restaurant, but especially his lemonade stand and fudge shop around the corner.

Charlie Sheen has announced that he will be returning to "Two and a Half Men" after going back into rehab, thus halting the show's production. When he comes out the show will be called "Four and a Half Men", in order to compensate for Sheen's social worker and parole officer.

The former CBS producer that tried to blackmail David Letterman has pleaded guilty today in court. So if you're a late night talk show host on CBS people will try to extort you, as opposed to being a late night talk show host on NBC where they just straight f*ck you.

According to the CDC, the rates of genital herpes in the United States is still high. Finally, a statistic the economy hasn't lowered.

Today new Math and English standards have been drafted to be more rigorous and uniform in schools. The government is reportedly paying $350 million dollars for this project, though there's a very good chance that is a counting error or typo.

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