Monday, March 1, 2010

Jokes: 3/1/10

After gun activists started bringing firearms into Starbucks locations, the company has declared that they will not take any action against those people. In related news, Starbucks employees will never mess up another order ever again.

Tonight Jay Leno will host "The Tonight Show" again. His guests tonight will be Jamie Foxx, Lindsay Vonn, and finally, the angry ghost of Johnny Carson.

Big news at the olympics, the Canadians beat the United States hockey team 3-2 to win the gold medal. Well at least we still dominate all of the stupid sports that we invented.

It has just been revealed the the new Shrek film will open up the Tribeca Film Festival, so in this installment get ready for Shrek to discover himself sexually with the gingerbread man.

The Playstation Network, the PS3's online gaming service was shut down for about a day over the weekend because of a glitch. Though on the bright side, your little brother is devastated.

Economy news: In Michigan today, a local pedestrian bridge was sold for one dollar, which is great news because a month ago they were going to outsource the bridge to India for half of that.

Apparently Minnesota Timberwolves star Al Jefferson was arrested and charged with a fourth degree DWI yesterday morning. No one is sure what made him do this, but we all have a pretty good feeling it was mostly because he plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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