Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jokes 3/16/10

Debate has been sparked after Disney announced that it would release the DVD of "Alice in Wonderland" only three months after its theatrical release. This doesn't seem like a controversy, but apparently Disney has never been to Chinatown, where you can get the DVD to "Alice and Wonderland" right now.

A report finds that the FBI has been using social networking sites like twitter and facebook in order to make fake profiles and go undercover to gather private information. As a twitter user myself, I really hope the feds never find out that I just ate a sugar cookie, or that I liked the Iron Man 2 trailer.

Tiger Woods has announced his return to the Masters Tournament for this year. Tiger Woods has been out of golf for over four months, so analysts don't expect him to win this tournament, though he is a sure-fire pick to win the Player's Ball and the ESPY award for lifetime achievement in boning.

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