Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jokes 3/23/10

Nintendo has just announced that it will be releasing their DS handheld system in a version that supports 3-D. Though the system will not need 3-D glasses. A representative from Nintendo added, "We figured the game boy has already made enough kids need glasses."

A UN body has just rejected a call for certain species of shark to be protected from extinction from overfishing. So just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, it probably is because all of the sharks are dead.

A study was done that analyzed the portions in the painting "The Last Supper" are considerably less then versus how they are now. The researchers are halfway through their next project, finding out if the modern day Mona Lisa would have cankles.

Variety has reported that the Discovery channel has picked up the rights to the Sarah Palin reality show. It will be the crabbiest thing on the channel even after "Deadliest Catch"

The New Jersey Nets need to win two more games to avoid having the worst season in NBA basketball history. Despite this season failure, the Nets are still going to be moving to Brooklyn next year, but to a not-so-nice part of Brooklyn.

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