Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jokes 3/25/10

In Japan they are releasing a robotic human that will be used for dentistry students to practice on. They are giving the robot life-like features, like moving eyelids, moving jaw and tongue, as well as the ability possibly say something racist while under anesthesia.

After complaints were made about a NYC jungle gym that resembles a jail, the city has decided to change around the Brooklyn park. The jungle gym jail will be turned into a jungle gym halfway house, where kids can settle back into the realities of life after getting out of the joint.

A Frenchman has been arrested after it was found out that he was the person who hacked into Barack Obama's twitter account. The incarcerated hacker then said "That's what you get for making your password "President1".

The Pentagon has enacted measures that would ease rules on the gay ban in the U.S. military. Soldiers still can't ask or tell, but now they can vote on American Idol without scrutiny.

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