Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jokes 3/31/10

In Tennessee a 70-year-old man rammed his SUV into another man's car because he had an "Obama/Biden" bumper sticker. Though officials say he might have also been reacting to the news that the man's child was an honor student at Mattlin Middle School.

Sandra Bullock's cheating husband Jesse James has entered rehab to save his marriage. There's no report as to when he will be returning to the PGA Tour.

Sarah Palin used her Facebook page to write an article where she warns against the "Second Holocaust" if Iran gets nuclear weapons. Though other republicans are denying that this terrible event ever happened.

In Washington D.C., hard-hit journalists are holding a contest to see who of them is the funniest journalist. Nearby, a similar event will be held to find the most honest politician.

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