Monday, April 12, 2010

Jokes 4/12/10

This week Best Buy will start selling Barnes and Noble's E-reader, "The Nook". In another effort to be more like Barnes and Nobles, Best Buy will now allow homeless people to read porno magazines in their stores.

Barack Obama has announced that he will be helping to fund NASA's new program, which will try to get us to Mars, and start up a commercial "Space Taxi" service. This means space taxis will have to at least pick up one black guy.

The Vatican has finally "made peace" with Beatles, after John Lennon's 1966 comment that the band was bigger than Jesus. Later a Vatican spokesperson said "It's not like we say they're our favorite band. That's such a cop-out. We hate when people do that."

Conan O'Brien has reached a 5 year deal to do a late-night talk show for TBS. Now their moniker "TBS: Very Funny" doesn't have to only apply to the six hours of "The Office" reruns they show everyday.

This year's Pulitzer Prize winner will be announced today, and strong in the running is the tabloid magazine "The National Enquirer". If this happens, wait for next year when Glenn Beck wins an Emmy and the World Cup.

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