Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Monologist: 7/7/2010

An internet rumor today has been denied that Justin Bieber would be doing a concert in North Korea. Though if this concert had happened, I'm sure we would've reminded North Korea that Justin Bieber is actually Canadian, not American. We don't want any trouble.

Pop legend Prince told the Daily Mirror yesterday that "The Internet's Completely Over". He went to the Daily Mirror because there are no other printed newspapers left.

A woman is claiming $20 million in damages after she claims that the film "Death at a Funeral" took a story from a book she wrote about a similar experience as she was stripped of her clothing at a funeral. There's no word on whether or not she was also the inspiration behind "Big Momma's House 2". She wants $20 million, or in other words, $19 million more than that movie made.

Lebron James has decided to air his free-agency decision on ESPN tomorrow night. Though if he waits long enough he could probably get a series out of this.

Supreme Court Justice nominee Elena Kagan passed a series of tests to test that she does not have any religious preferences. Not much is known about the tests, but it's safe to say that she didn't call the cream cheese "schmeer".

NASA has released a videogame called Moonbase Alpha, in which you explore the moon and try to repair a space station. An early review of the game says "It's kind of like what it feels like to be an intern for the army in the game "Halo".

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