Monday, October 4, 2010

The Monologist: 10/4/2010

Bob Edwards, a scientist who developed the test-tube method for in vitro fertilization, has been awarded with a Nobel Prize today. Edwards has often been called the "Father of the test-tube baby", but we won't know for sure until he goes on Maury next week.

A study has shown that while younger couples are more likely to use condoms, older people are less likely to use condoms. When asked about their study, a researcher said "I don't want to be a scientist anymore. I quit."

Evan Williams, the co-founder of Twitter is stepping down as CEO today. He says he's stepping down to focus on product strategy, but most people believe he's trying to get Aaron Sorkin to write a movie about him.

In Sao Paolo, a famous Brazilian clown has been voted to be on congress. All that is known about him is that his entire staff will all travel in the same tiny car. While Brazilians are frustrated to have a clown in congress, America had one as president for eight years.

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